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Almost Gone

Silk Road Bracelet - Brass

This collection encapsulates the yin and the yang of the feminine spirit — both soft and strong. This bracelet is hand forged with fire and power and tied together with a soft, naturally dyed silk ribbon. An ode to the Silk Road and the part of the world where our collection is made. Always hand forged in Nepal. Modern, minimal and completely hand forged.

While our designs are modern, our approach is based in capturing the ancient. We collaborate with master craftspeople to create each piece.

  • Finish: Brass
  • Expandable open design. One size comfortably fits most.
  • Please select either an Oyster or Rust Ribbon, hand-dyed by Silk and Willow in New Paltz, New York. Custom colors available.
  • Bracelet ships with the Silk Ribbon and matching metal clasp.
  • Made entirely by hand, slight variations make each piece truly one of a kind
  • Handcrafted in Nepal